Development strategy

Development strategy

Mission of Wirtualna Polska Group (“WP Group”, the “Group”) is to be the partner of choice for Polish Internet users, providing them with opinion-forming information, entertainment and services and inspiring their daily decisions. The Group’s strategic plan aimed at fulfilling this mission involves achieving the position of the leading, lifestyle and entertainment medium in Poland by providing attractive content to Internet users, as well as useful and innovative services aligned with their changing needs, and, consequently, at strengthening its position as the leading, opinion-forming online media platform in Poland.

The Group implements its strategy by providing Internet users with services and content that fit their everyday customs and specifically by providing basic services related with the use of the internet such as e-mail and access to national and international news which are the principal reasons for using the Internet (based on the PBI survey – Polscy internauci: fakty i liczby 2013 (Polish internauts, facts and numbers, 2013)). Consequently, the Group’s business model is based on satisfying the basic needs of a large group of Internet users.

In the future, the Group intends to continue to develop the products and services that satisfy the above conditions, i.e. addressed to a large group of users, used regularly (frequency) and with high intensity (length of individual sessions).

Below are presented the main strategic goals of the Group in individual segments of the online market the realisation of which will make it possible to achieve the primary objective of the Group which is achieving the position of the principal information-lifestyle-entertainment medium in Poland:

  • Modern display – reinforcing the leading position in respect of providing content via the Internet in Poland in the main topic categories
  • E-mail services – maintaining and developing e-mail services as a communication tool and an important source of information for the personalisation of content, services and advertising
  • Mobile – achieving and maintaining a leading position in Poland in respect of advertising on mobile devices
  • Video online – achievement and maintenance of the leading position in Poland in terms of video online advertising
  • E-commerce – Using the potential of the quickly growing e-commerce market in key product categories
  • Big data – use of key competitive advantage of the Group
  • Acquisitions – Reinforcement of the Group’s organic growth through the acquisition of other entities.

In the Management Board’s opinion, the following tendencies will continue to affect the Group’s operations:

  • The continuing growth in the share of online advertising in the total expenditure on advertising in Poland;
  • The fastest growing segments of online advertising in Poland will include video advertising, which is an element of modern display, and adverts on mobile devices. This will be caused mainly by the increased availability and a decrease in the prices of fast Internet connections, as well as the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets;
  • The dynamic growth of the e-commerce market in Poland in the coming years, which will be caused both by a greater number of people making ourchases via the Internet and the greater number and value of transactions concluded by such people on the Internet;
  • An improvement in the effectiveness of advertising by using the Group’s current resources (information on user behavior and big data analyses) for improved matching of advertising content to user profiles.;
  • The more intensive use of a real-time automated purchase model of advertising space on the Polish online market is currently having a positive effect on the Group’s revenues;
  • The positive effect of the revenue and cost synergies expected by the Group as a result of its acquisitions in 2015;

An increase in costs, especially wages and salaries, resulting from an improvement in the quality of content provided to users and the increased number of video adverts and their improving quality.




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